Jessica Mcclinton
Last week i finally found the place i been waiting for for the laat 3 years! I ordered the Cajun fish eith fried shrimp and fries..... Baby the hubbs was a happy camper! We will be back real soon!
S Wilson
This has to be the best food we had in the area so far. Everything was seasoned to perfection. Do not allow the aesthetics of the location to turn you off. The food was really good and the staff was super friendly. We will be back to try something else on the menu. We ordered the grits with fish, grits with blackened shrimp, and grits with fried shrimp. We also ordered the corn and it had a really good flavor with a bite at the end. OMG...the food was amazing and it is made as you order it so it will take a moment to get your food. I would definitely recommend this establishment!
John Sandage
Don't be fooled by the location. The food here is fresh and delicious. Service with a smile. Can't believe I've waited this long to try it. It was a nice change from the pre-made microwaved food the big restaurant's are serving these days. Once F&S gets their new location, better start making reservations now!
laura greener
This food is not Texas born.. since I left Louisiana I've not till today found river boat good great food.. I just sat and ate hoped I would make it back home. Good. Job.
Sartorial Beauty
Pappadeaux has nothing on this local restaurant! I'm so glad I finally tried this place it's soooo good and worth every penny. My mother ordered the catfish with cheesy potatoes and I ordered the shrimp pasta. Talk about fresh and the portions or more than enough. We both had plenty leftovers.
Shay German
Thank you AJ I got Catfish and Shrimp it was great I cried 😭
Jennifer Donnelly
I love this place so much. If only it could be a sit down restaurant I could take my family to. Wish you could have a location in Copperas Cove off 190. Business would be booming!!!
Zelene Fontanez
Today was me and my kids first time trying this place out, and the food was delicious!! I had two crab boils one Cajun and the other Honey Garlic. Gee was the cook and did an amazing job! Thank you so much, I will definitely be back!
Des Walch
Sometimes you find the best food in the most unexpected places. This is one of those places. I stopped by looking for a Soul Food restaurant. What I found was a sketchy looking place in the back of a gas station convenience store. From my experience, those are the best places to go, so of course I walked right on in! The lady that took my order was super friendly the entire time. The inside was also very clean. It only looks sketchy from the outside walking in. Ordering was simple, and I did not wait long. I spent my time looking for a beverage from the store, since the restaurant does not offer any. I had the mixed plate tonight, which is shrimp and 2 catfish fillets with fries. And let me tell you, I have enjoyed every last bite! I do a lot of travel. This place is on my recommended list for anyone looking for a great takeout meal. There is no seating here.
Most say, to find this place in an Exxon gas station, First Time here!!!!! But first I called and was told they don’t take orders over the phone but didn’t know I could’ve went thru Door Dash( a driver there to pickup and order) but to get to details......... Young Lady took order with a smile, even when I mention my above ordeal, still stay very courteous. Now to get to my order, Wow, superb!!!!!!even down to the fries. My Fish was Fresh(like they went fishing, clean it and fried it )my shrimps well seasoned. Now when people say Home cooking, just like a Family Fish Fry in Ur backyard. Definitely will be back Again☺️So for my age(60yrs gracefully aging) I Enjoy and Thank U for the Kindheartness💜💜💜💜Keep it up💯
Great Staffan good food.